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NMAHPERD 2015 Convention Preperations The Nmahperd 2015 Annual Convention is just around the corner and will be taking place from July 30th to the 31st.
NMAHPERD 2015 Convention Dates and Events

Liability Insurance plans that fit you

NMHAHPERD Liability Insurance

NMHAHPERD Liability Insurance

Proposal deadline and early bird registration deadline extended until June 15th.

 Liability Insurance

It pays to be a member. Not only do you get to enjoy a fit and healthy life but we have your financial needs covered as well.

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Jump Rope For Heart

Working with the American Heart Association enabled health care providers to reduce the number of people dying from heart disease and stroke by 25% 

Lets Move

Let's Move! Active Schools mobilizes Physical Education teachers, classroom teachers, administrators, staff and parents who are ready and willing to be leaders for their school community.



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Nmahperd is actively looking for members to help positively impact its footprint in New Mexico's Health and Physically active Community!

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